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Answers For Frequent Questions

Do you give discounts?2019-07-23T14:51:13-07:00

Throughout the year we have different discounts available. Be sure to give us your email so you will not miss out on the deals!

Do you replace broken glass?2019-07-23T14:52:46-07:00

We absolutely replace broken glass for picture frames. For many customers, this is usually a surprisingly simple and inexpensive repair. Prices are based on glass quality and size. We strongly recommend bringing the piece to our gallery so that we can give you a quote on the spot.

Do you restore frames?2019-07-23T14:53:25-07:00

We can do basic repairs to frames. We mostly fix broken corners, but we do some minor finish repairs as well.

Do you restore pictures?2019-07-23T14:54:04-07:00

We restore old pictures using a digital restoration process. We scan your original photo and use the computer to repair/rebuild the image. We are usually able to return a photo to nearly original condition, such that it looks like it was taken yesterday. Additionally, we both repair and maintain an older look for those customers wishing to preserve, repair, and keep a nostalgic look to their photo.

Why is framing so expensive?2019-07-23T14:54:42-07:00

Many people ask this question because few understand the value of the type of product we provide. Many of the big box are all price-driven. They are selecting the cheapest materials and also manufacturing outside of U.S. borders. Most people know that typically the less you pay for something, the lower the quality. Our prices reflect our drive to offer the best quality. And we always strive to do so at the best price the market will let us provide. Our materials are made with choice cut woods, and are all hand finished in the U.S.A. Many of the trees for our products are harvested and processed in the U.S.A. In large part, if the wood for a frame comes from another country, it at least comes from North America!

We proudly admit that some of our materials are imported from over seas. Come and see our imported Italian and German mouldings. We are craftsmen and make each item we produce with creativity and precision. It is like furniture for your walls. We like to think the products we make are something you can hand down for multiple generations. Our goal is simple: The best blend of price and quality. Remember that you really do get what you pay for. We assure that you will appreciate what we do a lot more than a plastic frame you get from the box store.

Where are you located?

Can you give me a quote?2019-07-23T15:27:06-07:00

We can certainly give you a quote. However, because our styles are so varied, we strongly recommend that you visit us in person to see for yourself the varieties of styles and their corresponding prices.

What is the cost of framing?2019-07-23T14:56:25-07:00

The cost of framing depends entirely on the size and the style of your materials. We have a large sample selection with prices that vary greatly. We recommend that you visit us in person to see for yourself the varieties of styles and their corresponding prices. We have plenty of styles to match any type of taste and budget.

Do you sell mirrors?2019-07-23T15:27:54-07:00

We have some mirrors for sale, just ask us to show you what we have.

Can you cut special shaped openings in a matboard?2019-07-23T14:57:46-07:00

We can cut multiple openings for collages, oval shapes, or even custom shapes using a computerized mat cutter.

What does acid-free mean?2019-07-23T14:58:23-07:00

Acid-free means something has a neutral pH value; it is neither basic nor acidic. Both values are corrosive and can actually burn important art, prints, or other documents. We have all seen this effect. Old newspapers turn tan/brown over time. This occurs because the pulp of the paper has a very slightly acidic pH level. It is actually burning itself. Of course, no one wants their items to burn, so that is why we use matboards and foamboard backings that are cotton based (pH neutral/acid-free). All of our adhesives, tapes, and other mounting devices are all non-corrosive. This is a simple step to ensure your image will last and last.

What does museum mounting mean?2019-07-23T14:59:04-07:00

Museums are focused on preservation. They want things to last for decades. With this kind of time frame in mind, it is vital to be aware that something as simple as the oils on your skin can cause an acceleration of deterioration. When mounting an item using a museum method, it must be in its own environment, not in contact with any corrosive materials.

There are a variety of ways to do this, such as gum tape, mylar clips, corner clips, and acid-free surfaces among others. However, the objective is the same: keeping an image in place without intruding on its current condition while ensuring it is not in contact with any surface that can cause permanent damage. Also, you never want any valuable image permanently fixed to another surface or in contact with any material that caries any pH value other than neutral (acid-free). This could destroy your image, both structurally and in terms of its value. For more information regarding acid and pH values, read the following section entitled “What does acid-free mean?”.

Can you frame an image without using glass?2019-07-23T14:59:43-07:00

Paintings on certain materials are actually ideal without glass. Oil paintings and acrylic paintings on canvas, canvas board, and other types of boards, should actually be displayed without glass. If you put glass in front of one of these types of paintings the paint has a difficulty “breathing” and a buildup of moisture between the glass and the art can cause mildew and mold to grow. This can ruin a painting. Some types of art really need to be behind glass. Paper prints, watercolors, photographs, and other types of artwork will wrinkle if they are not behind glass. The glass can help protect the image from getting wavy. All of this is a general rule and will not apply to 100% of items. If you are still unsure, bring your image in and we will look at it together. We can find the ideal solution for you.

Why do I need a matboard?2019-07-23T15:11:33-07:00

Matboards have two functions. First, they look great and are a creative way to accent the colors of your item. Second, they act as a means of protecting your work. If a piece of work is in contact with glass for too long, it can build up moisture and bond to the glass. Matboards serve to keep your work off and away from the glass in order to prevent damage over time.

What is a fillet?2019-07-23T15:12:07-07:00

A fillet is a type of molding that enhances your artwork and frame. It is typically fairly small (often 1/4″) and can be used to enhance the opening edge of a matboard or the inner lip of a frame. It is a great way to personalize a molding or make a mat selection look more detailed. Stop by the shop because we would love to show you how they work!

I already have a frame. Can I bring you a picture to put in my frame?2019-07-23T15:12:48-07:00

Absolutely. We call it “retro-fitting” a frame. Usually we start with the image, then design the mats and frame to fit. But in this case we start with the frame. Sometimes it is not a perfect fit and we need to adapt the image (and maybe mats). Sometimes it actually works perfectly.

Do you make oval frames?2019-07-23T15:13:29-07:00

We can provide oval frames, but it is more expensive than a standard frame.

How long does it take to have something framed?2019-07-23T15:22:26-07:00

A custom picture frame really depends on the complexity of a project and our current workload. We can typically complete a project in less than 2 weeks. High volume projects (100 or more units) can usually be delivered in under 30 days.

Can you/do you frame?2019-07-23T15:26:30-07:00

Yes! We custom frame art, photos, prints, mirrors, jerseys, bats, balls, clothing, plates, hammers, swords, knives, tiles, spoons, jewelry, and more. We may be forgetting something here, but just try us out because we know we can help you!

Do you restore paintings?2019-07-23T15:28:49-07:00

We use a digital restoration process. We scan your original and use Photoshop to repair/rebuild the image. For images that are in need of a conventional repair (which usually involves an intensive chemical process), we have someone we like to refer you to. Please contact us for more information regarding this referral.

Where are you located?2021-06-15T09:20:56-07:00

We are located just off of Watt Ave. at 3429 Freedom Park Dr suite #1, #13 and #15 in North Highlands, Ca.

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