Skyline1 allows the Artists, Photographers and Designers to maximize your time. When Skyline1 is your back room you’ll have more time to create, market and sell your artwork.

Skyline1 provides individualized services according to your needs and we specialize in framing for four major areas; interior design, photography, art, and galleries. We have the experience and expertise to help you succeed.

Gallery Services

Skyline1 has a number of gallery clients across California. Our clients appreciate our professional framing capabilities and the professional design expertise we provide. We’ll even provide you with corner samples and a suggested retail book based on our pricing.

We can also consult with new gallery owners about framing design options and we provide training on pricing out of artwork and writing an order when desired.

We provide every conceivable framing option including plexiglass boxes, 3-D framing and specialty framing for jerseys. Skyline1 can pick up and deliver artwork when desired by the client.

Skyline works with both artists and with galleries so when appropriate we sometimes help our artist clients make a gallery connection.

Designer Services

We’ve worked with many successful designers and we understand that each individual has their own design process.  You will appreciate Skyline1 because we are flexible and adaptable.  We’ve worked with designers who are highly structured as well as with others who are free flowing and interpretive.  We have the experience to accommodate your individual work style.

Skyline1 can order samples for you to borrow and we’ll even safely store your posters when needed.  Designers are welcome to use our Design Center by appointment.  You may even want to bring your customers with you.

Skyline1 can provide delivery and we do custom installation.  We have experience installing small jobs with ten pieces and large jobs with as many as 500 pieces.  We commonly work with private and corporate designers.

Photography Services

Skyline1 has employed a programmer to build an online custom framing system. By uploading your electronic images, you will be able to use our proprietary software to design matting and framing right on your computer. The system also includes a pricing feature to enable you to accurately price out your work.

We are certain that you will enjoy using this feature of our web site and it is just another example of how much Skyline1 cares about providing you with world-class customer service.

Skyline provides corner samples and a pricing booklet to Photographers who prefer hands-on designing to our online system. Jennifer can provide assistance to new photographers in learning how to price out your work.

Skyline1 has extensive experience providing professional framing services to photographers. We are committed to expansion of the arts community in the Sacramento Region. Skyline1 is a sustaining member of the Professional Photographers of Sacramento Valley

Artist Service

Skyline1 has worked with artists to professionally frame their work for over 25 years. We provide museum quality framing. Our artist clients enjoy the use of our Design Center where by appointment they often bring their customers to lay out the perfect framing option. Our designers, Jennifer and Patti, are available to assist you in the design process.

Skyline1 has experience helping artists prepare multiple pieces for shows. We also produce frames as simple or as complex as desired for single or multiple pieces. We can help you frame your work to best present its artistic value.

On or Off Site Support

  • How to price framing – Skyline1 can provide you with our pricing guide to make pricing out your artwork easier to accomplish. Jennifer is available to provide guidance on the use of the guide and will come to your shop to provide this training upon request.
  • How to design framing – Skyline1 maintains a Design Center where you may bring your customers by appointment to lay out your artwork and play with variations in design. We have an extensive array of sample mats and frames which Jennifer can help you with during your appointment. Our goal is to help you find the perfect synthesis of artwork and frame design.

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